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Toddler Program

2 - 3 year-olds


The Toddler program provides the perfect balance of nurturing, learning and playtime. At this age, children require a supportive, intimate atmosphere and a rich environment, which encourages refinement of their gross and fine motor movements, develops their social skills of sharing and conversation, and provides avenues for reinforcement of self-esteem and confidence.


The children begin their morning with outside play time. Once inside the classroom, the students participate in circle time where they sing songs, do finger plays and have stories read to them. After a snack, the children begin their individual work time. During this time, students are focusing on building concentration, improving their hand eye coordination, and developing large and small muscle development.


You may choose a 2 (T/Th), 3 (M/W/F) or 5 day a week schedule of 2 hours per day for your child. These students do not have to be toilet trained.

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