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About Us

Situated on 3 acres in the beautiful Valley of the Moon, Montessori School of Sonoma’s site is one which offers an ideal country setting; peaceful, natural, safe. The current facility, which opened in 1984, was designed specifically for use as a school and childcare center.


Montessori School of Sonoma is fully licensed by the state of California and the State Department of Education. It is professionally affiliated with the American Montessori Society and Every Child California.


The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or sexual orientation. The school also prohibits sexual harassment. This nondiscrimination policy also covers admission, access, and treatment in school programs and activities.



The Montessori method aims to build the child’s self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-confidence to allow him to fulfill his own potential.

The methods and materials are based on the young child’s unique aptitude for learning, which Dr. Montessori identified as the “absorbent mind”. In her writings she frequently compared the young mind to a sponge, literally absorbing information from the environment. The environment is attractive, orderly, with attention to quality and detail, and easily accessible to the child. Acquiring information in this way is a natural and delightful activity which will lead to a future curiosity and a desire for learning.

The hand is the chief teacher of the child. In order to learn there must be concentration, and the best way a child can concentrate is by fixing their attention on a task s/he can perform with their hands. All of the equipment in a Montessori classroom allows the child to reinforce his impressions by inviting him to use his hands for learning.


It is easier for the child to learn a particular skill during the corresponding sensitive period than any other time in her life. The Montessori classroom takes advantage of this fact by allowing the child freedom to select individual activities, which correspond to his own periods of interest.

Many of the Montessori materials do not require the use of paper. In other words, the product or result of the work with the material is internal; the muscles are developed, the senses are made more acute, and the intellect is given more information.

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