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Infant Program

Children 12 - 24 months


The Infant class is for children 12 months to 24 months. This class offers an intimate environment that meets the physical, emotional, and cognitive developmental needs of a child of this age. The children work on adult/child relationships, peer friendships, and the ability to form attachments and trust with those outside the family. The children are beginning to walk, and sit at the table to eat and gain table manners. The class has manipulative learning materials, which stimulate self-guided exploration. The children do a lot of dramatic play copying the world around them.  Children are working on language development and are exposed to many books and music. The children receive positive reinforcement and nurturing as they discover their sense of place in the world. Parents may choose a two, three or five day a week schedule of three hours per day. There is a ratio of 4 students per teacher.



This year round program is for students enrolled in the Infant class only. The children are able to rest after lunch and wake up to continue with their day of exploration. The hours are 8 - 9 am before class and 12 - 4 pm after class and 8 am - 4 pm when class is not in session. Parents must sign-up in advance. Charges are based on an hourly basis. Infant childcare observes the same Holiday schedule as regular childcare.

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